Fosmon WaveLink 51004HOM Wireless Door Open Chime

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; [MONITOR THE AREAS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU WITH WAVELINK WIRELESS DOOR CHIME] WaveLink wireless door chime offers a generous detection area of nearly 500 feet. Big enough for to cover every window and door in your house. Expand the system by pairing up to 10 receivers to one door sensor, or 10 door sensors to one receiver. The choice is yours.; [52 UNIQUE CHIMES] 52 unique ringtones and chimes allow your wireless door and window entry alert system to meet any need.; [PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED] With the built-in LED indicator, the wireless door alert receiver and sensor offer additional assistance when coupled with the receiver to the hearing impaired. Difficulty hearing is no problem with WaveLink wireless system.; [EASY INSTALLATION] With its simple wireless plug-in and double-sided tape, the wireless door and window chime sets up in seconds. It gives you the opportunity to spend your time elsewhere. All hardware is included, and ready to use.; [LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY] The Fosmon WaveLink wireless door chime and its components come with a limited lifetime warranty


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Last updated on January 4, 2021 8:46 pm
Fosmon WaveLink 51004HOM Wireless Door Open Chime
Fosmon WaveLink 51004HOM Wireless Door Open Chime



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20 reviews for Fosmon WaveLink 51004HOM Wireless Door Open Chime

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  1. Bernard Donohue

    Our 3 year old’s room is on the far side of the house and she’s figured out how to let herself out – which led to a couple spooky middle of the night moments when a tiny shape is standing next to my bed staring at me. Luckily, she hadn’t decided to change into a clown costume prior to coming down the hallway – because then I’d be reviewing products for adult bed-wetting.So decided that we needed something to let us know when she escapes her holding cell.Easy to install. I like that you can adjust the volume. Haven’t played much with all the different possible alarm tones, just picked the simplest chime.

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  2. Mandy Trosky

     Purchased this for my office door and I’m glad that I did. We tried a motion sensor one and it picked up everything but the door. This only sounds when the door actually opens.Our door is a metal door so we couldn’t drill anything into it so the sticky pads worked perfect and have held very well. I haven’t tried the different sounds because we just needed something simple but from other reviews I can see that there’s a lot. One thing I really enjoy about this is that I can unplug the speaker and can move it around. Usually I’m the only one in the office so I keep it plugged in near me but if someone else is here and I’m gone I can move the speaker to that persons office. This is a new office so we still have some construction and with people in and out I can just unplug this so it isn’t annoying. I would suggest this for any office than needs sound when a opens-we’ve had no issues and it works great and priced even better!

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Had something similar at my business, very effective. I bought this one for home and installed it with tiny screws in a cinch. Great ! NOW I know when someone opens the door so I don’t jump out of myself when I’ m deep in thought. The plus side of it is, since it can be set to play many musical tunes, my dogs don’t bark their heads off unless it’s the regular door bell chime. They actually appreciate the sound and think it’s the radio, TV or some other phone ringing. Whew!

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  4. Kevin

    I Don’t know how can this have that much 5 stars. It installed ok and easy to setup, but it only rings when it chose to! It’s only about 10 meters with some object but only 10 meters! I own a store because of this I have already missed a few customers on the first day I used it, then I realized that some of the times it doesn’t ring! I emailed [email protected] but no response. Trash item! don’t buy!

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  5. El-Dawoo

    Doesn’t work if there is a door between the reciever and the transmitter like putting it on the garage door and the reciever indoors. Also doesn’t work well if its 2 meters between the transmitter and the reciever like it catches 7 out of 10. Not sure if that is from the distance or because of the furniture and walls. To keep it short it works well if the 2 pieces are in 1 meter range and no obstacles in the way.

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  6. Jay H

    Does the job but you have to cycle through all of the sounds to find one you like and if you skip it, you need to go all the way through again. For an office, only a couple of them are decent. Some are downright annoying. The advertised working distance between the sensor and chime seems to be pretty accurate.

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  7. mystic_chaos

    We bought this to monitor our 3 year old when he wakes up in the middle of the night or in the early morning so that we could teach and guide our child to do an appropriate activity until the adults wake up. This works for the intended purpose. During the day however, as he is at home with his mom during the day along with other home daycare children, he makes a game out of opening and closing the door since he can hear the chime. I’d say this is a good tool at the very least to help the adult catch the child in action. I don’t use this for any other purpose. As far as build quality, it is as solid as it needs to be. I don’t have a flat door frame but the thin part of the door sensor still sticks to it even after having a toddler repeatedly open and close their door for at least a month. I don’t have any issues with it randomly triggering, it’s pretty accurate in that respect. My wife is very sensitive to noises and she was able to get a chime and a volume level that was loud enough and attention grabbing enough but not irritating.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    It’s hard to find a chime for residential use that will let you know if somebody opens a door to through a doorway, unless you are talking about a stand-alone security system, or you want to pay a hefty price for a simple system. I took the sensor and stuck the pieces to the door and the door frame. I plugged the chime in and it worked. It’s very easy to set up and they provide double sided tape for the sensor units (or you can screw them in). I did not test the range but the chime and sensors are on separate floors, with the system working perfectly. I have no problem recommending this to anybody who needs to know if anybody is accessing a private area with little hassle or headaches.

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  9. Jhinae R. Noody

    Oh my gosh I just love this thing. After reading compliments about the chimes, I re-read through the little instruction paper again and found out how to pair them. People arent reading this part. You only have 5 seconds though to make the pair. So I had to unplug it from the outlet I hid it placed in to move it to a closer outlet for the tone paring. Unplugging it doesnt reset it which was something else great I noted. You simply hold the tone and sound buttons together for 5 seconds, it will make a little noise and light up, you then have 5 seconds to open that door after installing the door pcs and it will play the tune you selected. I then unplugged it and returned it to the outlet I wanted it at and the pair stayed. Note: you should pair it BEFORE you install the door pcs, otherwise you will just need to do what I did to change it. I have a metal door that opens inward so unfortunately I had to install the pcs on the outside upper corner on the hinge side due to how this door is. There is a little roof out there so I am hoping it will hold up well out there all year round. I guess we will find out.

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  10. Michael Weber

    Set up the unit at the entrance of my business. It took quite awhile before the unit worked. The next day, it wouldn’t work. Had to open and close the door several times before it began to work again. It seems if it sits idle for an hour or two, it won’t work unless you open and close the door several times. Tried another battery in the sensor – same results.

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  11. Diviner2309

    Waste of time and money. Worked for 2 days perfectly, now just after 5days, it doesn’t work most of the time. Changed receiver’s position so many times, now in the same room as the transmitter, doesn’t work at all. Have to go through hassle to return the product. I had so high hopes for the item.

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  12. CP

    Using for my toddlers bedroom door as he has been sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night. Came with good instructions to pair and simple enough to figure out volume and the different chimes. I installed with velcro(industrial use) and it has never had any issues with the chime not going off when his door opens. The chime sounds and then stops, and does not continue chiming as some have said. Overall, for the price you can’t go wrong for a simple use like a child’s door. I’d rather buy 5 of these than an overpriced one sold as being specifically for a child’s room.

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  13. Anthony

    I am not satisfied with this product and I would not recommend it. The programing instructions for changing (and saving) the chime are incomplete. I had to resort to solving this issue by Google search. When the door is opened, the chime sometimes works and sometimes does not. I believe the battery shifts resulting not making proper contact.

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  14. Kitty

    This took about 10 minutes to install. It took more time to figure out what tune you wanted to use than to set them up. I really like that you can have a different tune for every door so I know exactly what door is being opened.I got these for my elderly father who has dementia that kept getting up in the middle of the night and wandering around the house in the dark. Now he stays in his room because he can at least remember that there is an alarm on his door and if he opens the door we’re going to come down and ask him what he’s up to. 😉 We are sleeping a lot better now days because we are no longer worried that he might be out there and hurt himself. I would also recommend these for people with young children who might be worried that the kids would get up in the middle the night or early in the morning to get in trouble. Because you can program a different tune for every door. You can also put them on windows.

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  15. Cristian Sanchez

    This is bad quality, not working, is only working sometimes, not happy, I don’t recommend this article. Mony waste

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  16. D.C.M

    Love this! Was looking for an alert system to notify me when my toddler has left her new big girl room during the night. I found an equivalent system that is specifically for children that didn’t seem effective and was almost 4x the price of this product, so I’m happy I thought of general door chimes, and found this one while browsing! It’s ridiculously easy to set up, and serves its purpose very well! There are 4 volume settings and over 50+ sounds. I do agree with other reviewers that picking the sound of choice is slightly annoying, but it’s something that you set up once, so it’s not a big deal at all — plus that single button for sound is likely one way they were able to limit buttons or the need to connect to an app, which would just unnecessarily complicate the product.

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  17. Amazon Customer

    This is an excellent product. The only issue causing inconvenience is that when I have chosen the appropriate tune for the room, I cannot leave the chosen tune to ring every time when the door is opened. I have to go through a pairing process in order to set the tune I want. Otherwise the tune will automatically go back to the first of the 52 tunes.

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  18. Lars H.

    My father has advanced stages of dementia and had been diagnosed with en enlarged prostate. He had a a catheter put in until his surgery was scheduled. At all times of the night, he’d get up and try to remove or empty his reservoir which cause a LOT of frustration for everyone and obviously a mess.With this product which the sensor we put on his bedroom door, we were notified that he was up in the middle of the night and moving to the washroom – which would give us ample time to calm him down and get him back to bed.I’m sure there is a hundred reasons to use this mobile chime system, but this was by far a life-saver.The range was good. The two-way tape included was enough to keep the sensor on the door/frame and could be removed without any mess. The instructions are simple and the volume selection was great and the price was fantastic!Thank you for providing a great product and keeping our family safe.

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  19. Jason

    We use this on the door to our store to let us know when a customer arrives. It works great! It has an amazing array of sounds to choose from. It caused some interference with the door alarm sensor initially, but once I moved them about a foot apart there was no problem having both sensors on the same door.

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  20. Cody Cakes

    I purchased this last year because my toddler sleeps on the 2nd floor and we sleep on the 3rd floor and I needed peace of mind knowing I had an extra set “eyes and ears” on her while we are asleep. If I didn’t hear her awake and moving around on the baby monitor, I wanted to know that this would for sure wake me if she decided to venture out of her room while I was asleep (heaven knows that sometimes even a light sleeper can fall into a deep sleep!). It works like a charm!!Installation was quick and easy! We installed it at the top of her door (so she would never be able to pull it off) with the double stick tape that was provided and it didn’t quite work because the door frame is a little chunkier- but it was an easy fix . I had extra double stick tape left over from something else so I just doubled up on the tape and that lifted it enough to get it to meet./touch the sensor.We plugged in the sound receiver in our bedroom and chose one of the many chimes/songs and adjusted the volume (the loudest level is very loud!) and synced them without issue. You will need a 2nd person to help sync them if you are more than 5 seconds away from the door. I should also note that there is a blue light that blinks with the sound/song/beat which I think is a great feature for the hearing impaired.I am writing this review a little over a year after purchasing it because our receiver stopped working, but I emailed the company and they sent me a new one for free! There is a lifetime warranty on their product- how amazing is that?! The process was quick and easy, just a few emails explaining the problem, verifying my purchase on amazon (send them invoice from your “previous orders” and verifying address.) WOW- not many companies stand by their product like this and I was already pleased with our door chime, but this experience just took it to another level!Totally recommend this product for your adventurous toddler, secret mom power to ‘mysteriously’ appear when a kid opens a door, or business!

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