Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 2-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee compatible

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New to smart lighting? Get started with easy smart lighting with this Hue smart bulb. Just using Bluetooth, without the Hue Hub, you can control up to 10 lights in 1 room. Comfy on the couch? No need to get up to change your lights. Control your lights using the (free) Hue Bluetooth app or with just your voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. Works with all Echo smart speakers/displays and Google Nest devices, (Hue Hub required for Echo (1st Gen) and Echo Dot (1st Gen)). Certified for Humans: struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed-they’re actually simple. Want to upgrade your whole home with smart lighting? Add a Hue Hub to control up to 50 light points, get access the full Hue capabilities (Home and away control, timers/routines, more smart home partners) and extended product portfolio (indoor/outdoor smart lighting and accessories). Already a Philips Hue customer? This bulb is also compatible with the Hue Hub. Philips Hue, the creator of Smart Lighting, brings you the most comprehensive, up-to-date and secure smart lighting ecosystem.


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Last updated on October 9, 2020 3:48 pm
Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 2-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee compatible
Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 2-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee compatible


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Additional information

Specification: Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 2-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee compatible

Batteries Required? No
Batteries Included? No
Item Package Quantity 1
Voltage (Volts)
Material Synthetic Polymer (PMMA)
Part Number
Color White and Color Ambiance
Item model number 548610
Product Dimensions 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight (ounces) 8.3
Warranty Description 3 year manufacturer.
Size (Bulbs)
Wattage (watts)


Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 2-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee compatible Videos

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Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance 2-Pack A19 LED Smart Bulb, Bluetooth & Zigbee compatible

1.4 out of 5
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  1. Noah

    I could not connect this item to my alexa spent over an hour and the instructions that came with the product as well as the website did NOT work.

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  2. Gary

    The bulb works fine, I prefer the warm yellow tone over bright white so no complains here. The biggest problem is the photos in the product listing implies the bulb changes color (got it over the prime day sale so didn’t spend too much time looking into the entire hue smart light bulb lineup) and apparently only the more expensive models come with the color changing functionality.

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  3. Nathanielt

    So first let’s start off with the light and not the technology. it’s great wonderful colors that you can get on these bulbs and that’s the best part about it. Going down to probably what is 2200 k That’s a really warm orange color that allows you to really feel relaxed especially when dim down. And then you can scale that up to somewhere around 4,000 k or something a little more stimulating or if you really need some kind of bright bright color turn all the way up to 6500 k. I love that aspect about this bulbs and that’s the best thing about them.Now it’s dive into why this only gets three stars. first I almost want to give this 1 and 1/2 stars for the false advertising. this does not work with the Google Assistant which is stated in this Amazon listing as well as printed on the box. It does not work with the Google Assistant. It only works with the Google home. Only way that this works with the Google Assistant is to get the Philips hub. Anyone that’s buying the Bluetooth is buying it because I don’t want the hub. so if I could give this two and a half stars I would because I don’t like false advertising and I bought these because I wanted it to work with my Google Assistant and not have to get the hub.Second multiple user setup is very complicated even for someone like me running my own tech company setting up advanced networks. there’s conflicting information out there and I actually had to call Phillips to figure this out because even he had to ask an advanced tech because they had conflicted information in the office.To summarize, this is a subpar beta product that should never have been released to the public. Don’t advertise that it works with something when it doesn’t. and for the price of these bulbs it better work with the Google Assistant and have much more seamless setup. That said, everything is in context and then the smart light world there isn’t anything great yet so this is why I bumped it up to three stars and because I really do like the color and the lighting and that’s where Phillip’s really does come through

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  4. tobisecare

    If you are considering getting with with your new Amazon Alexa device or any smart home device for that matter, be aware that to pair the light bulb you need the Philips Hue Bridge which is another $70 dollars. If you, like me, only wanted a single light for your room which you can turn on and off using your new smart home device, I highly recommend just finding an alternative. That being said the Philips Hue Bridge cannot connect via wifi and must connect using a wired connection like an ethernet port. I have not been able to test the bulbs to their fullest extent due to not owning a Philips Hue Bridge so if does not apply to you feel free to read another review.

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  5. Cliente de Amazon

    No lo negare son caros y son un lujo que podría ser innecesario.Son luces blancas que funcionan como luz normal con capacidad de dimmer. Puedes prender y apagar las luces a través del celular (sin necesidad de bridge) media te Bluetooth y controlar desde tu celular (mediante la app) la intensidad de las luces. A demás de poder nombrarlos y utilizarlos con productos de casa inteligente. A diferencia de productos más económicos, no existen fallas ni dificultades en cuanto a conexión. No requiere de internet para su uso.

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  6. Dennis Collins

    I have 2 for my outside garage, one for my porch and one for my living room. All 4 are paired with Alexa. I don’t understand why reviews state they can’t pair. Make sure you have 3rd generation and let your echo discover it. Make sure you understand Alexa app…that’s all you need….NO HUB!I have them set on routines to go on and off everyday. Works perfect.

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  7. nerdypixie

    I like the Hue the system, but the bulb I received was clearly not new. The bulb I received was used before, there are small scratches all over it, stuff like oil residue from hands and dust from being in a lamp that you can feel. My older Hue lightbulbs are in better condition.

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  8. Sponsor Me.

    For the price, I am quite happy with adding a few mor bulbs to the arsenal (make sure you have a hub or these will be useless)They work great, hook up easily, but the color of the light is a mix between warm and cold but doesn’t stray too far either way. For the price, you should grab these, and enjoy them but if you’re looking to use these as your sole version of Hue Bulbs I would recommend going with some ambiance bulbs for a bit more money. You get a much nicer warm light from them.

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  9. Allison

    Update: Downgrading from 2 stars to 1. Ordered replacements. Got everything connected and thought everything was good; was willing to chalk it up to bad luck with defective bulbs. Two weeks later, same problem. Suddenly stopped responding to the google home mini. I disconnected and reset everything (as the troubleshoot guides suggested) and now they can’t even be found again. Exactly the same as before except this time it took one extra week for them to stop working. Even if I can get the reconnect, I refuse to keeping going though this on a regular basis just to use.Original Review: Huge waste of money. Way too difficult to set up and then even after finally getting them set up, they stopped responding to my Google Home Mini after about a week. Disconnected them to try and reset, now they won’t connect again. Probably going to send them back. Way more trouble than they’re worth.That being said, the week they worked was pretty cool. Nice and bright at full blast but also dimmable; though the dimmest setting could be a a bit dimmer still in my opinion. I liked being able to control it with my voice and set the “gentle wake” mode that slowly increased the brightness in the morning before my alarm. If only they had worked for more than a week.

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  10. Cliente de Amazon

    Al enchufarlos y encender la luz (en casa de mis padres) el echo plus los detectó y configuró al instante, sin embargo solo los estaba probando, tenia pensado instalarlos en mi departamento con mi echo dot, cual fue mi sorpresa cuando me di cuenta de que no hay forma de resetearlos para conectarlos a un dispositivo diferente del inicial. Tuve que devolverlos.PD: la luz es amarilla, no es blanca en absoluto.

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  11. Proferick

    Le quito una estrella porque La caja del foco venía abierta, desconozco el motivo, ya que venía muy bien protegida en su caja de Amazon con la leyenda “Frágil”. Esto me dio cierta desconfianza.A pesar de este inconveniente el foco llegó bien, funciona perfecto con la app de Philips Bluetooth, desde tu celular puedes prenderlo y apagarlo, mover la intensidad de la Luz etc. O manejarlo con la voz gracias a Alexa, yo lo uso con mi echo Plus 2nd sin necesidad de un hub para conectarlo. Es sorprendente cómo funciona, (ya no tengo que levantarme a apagar el foco de mi recámara) tan solo con decir: Alexa apaga la luz y listo. Una chulada !!!!Nota: La configuración es un poco difícil Ya que no te explican que primero tienes que actualizar tu foco. Es decir una vez que bajas la aplicación de Philips, debes seleccionar el foco y actualizarlo para que te lo detecte Alexa, de no ser así no lo detecta.

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  12. Luis Pintado

    Muy cómodo usarlo con Alexa, es dimeable, lo único que no me gustó fue el color de la luz.. es cálida (amarilla) parece de taquería de banqueta

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  13. Dels

    I just bought 3 packs of 2 so I’ve 6 bulbs, I happily replaced them but It keeps not responding from one to another, the app ‘Hue bluetooth’ keep failing to connect specially with 2 of the bulbs in livingroom :(I won’t give more than 2 stars unless Philips fix the problem.Dec. 15, 2019- I’m editing my review and take another star back. This is not compatible with Alexa. Now Alexa can’t discover any of the bulbs. I would like to return the bulbs but throw the boxes. Can I still return them without boxes?

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  14. gerardo llovera

    Debo decir que su oferta es engañosa usted ofrece paquetes de 4 y resulta que solo llegan 2 por caja siempre es mejor hablar claro , copio y pego a continuación Paquete de 4 bombillas LED A19, compatibles con Bluetooth y Zigbee (opcional Hue Hub), activadas por voz con Alexa y Google Assistant, 476861, 10watts

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  15. Mr Abe

    Foco muy amarillo que lastima a la vista. Es mejor comprar Ambience en lugar de la versión White, para poder así cambiar la tonalidad a un color más blanco (aún cálido).

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  16. Kris Martinez

    I tried to return this item, they didn’t let me. I think it’s cause I’m black. Anyways I’m going to give them one more chance to let me return because it doesn’t work in the light socket I have and if they don’t I’m gonna sue for discrimination.

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  17. Insights by Saucy

    Very impressed with these lightbulbs. I bought them to pair with my new echo dot in the hopes of smartifying my apartment a little bit. I must say mission accomplished! The bulbs both connected in seconds simply by turning on the switch. There were no issues at all and no bridge or other device was needed beyond the echo dot. I’m planning on adding a couple more color or rgb bulbs at a later date. For 50.00 can I’ve got a smart home!

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  18. fifty50

    I stayed up until 4:30 am trying to figure out how to work this new lightbulb with my new Echo Dot 3. First, you have to ignore the directions that came with the bulb. They were useless and misleading and one of the reasons I’ve been up half the night. No, you do not need a pricey Hue hub. You don’t need the google playstore or the Apple store to download an app. You don’t need to select “Hue” from the Alexa Skills menu and you don’t need to sign up for a Hue account.All you do is set up your Echo Dot if not already done. You should probably wait while it connects to your other devices. Then screw in the lightbulb and turn on the lamp/light fixture. At this point, Alexa should say new light found, but it didn’t. I had to say “Alexa discover devices” Alexa named the device “First Light” Then I was able to say turn on first light, turn off first light, dim first light. There is a video on this page that tells you the exact same thing. This is the video to follow. I just wish there had been directions with this lightbulb that said how to hook it up with an Alexa device and I hadn’t wasted hours of my time.

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  19. Mauricio García

    El brillo es excelente, son fáciles de controlar y aunque Alexa solo te pone algunos colores, con la app tienes una infinidad de posibilidades para armar tus propias escenas con tus colores personalizados. El tiempo de respuesta con Alexa es inmediato a comparación de otras cómo las de Steren que se pueden ver afectadas por el Wi-Fi con estás no sufriras por esos problemas.

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  20. Dante Luna

    El producto es bueno, me parece de calidad.El problema principal es que si no tienes un hub al cual se conecten los dispositivos Philips en realidad no puedes sacarle todo el provecho que pudieras. Lo que me choca de Philips es que te vendan todo por separado en su gran mayoría. He visto sensor de movimiento y foco por separado. El hubo y el foco por separado y los paquetes completos se me hacen caros en demasía.Desde la aplicación de Alexa (no tengo el hub) sólo puedo configurar como 15 colores distintos. Al momento de descargar la aplicación de Philips Hue busca forzosamente el hub que no tengo y por lo tanto nunca puedo usarla.Por ahora encargué otro producto para compararlo con este. Según vi, en el otro no necesitas forzosamente el hub.

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  21. Herash

    Es difícil valorar ya que si es un buen producto, pero deben explicar cómo es ya que es confuso la luz es amarilla solo es dimeable funcionan perfecto y con muy buena calidad en lo personal no me gustaron ya que la luz calida en algunos espacios no es tan funcional o se ven muy tristes, es preferible pagar más pero que sean regulables de calida a blanca.

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  22. Jose Bazan

    Foco Inteligente Philips, diseñado para dispositivos de iluminacion HUB de phillips y compatible con dispositivos echo, funciona muy bien, buena luminosidad y bajo consumo eléctrico. Se conecta como un foco normal (es necesaria una conexión wifi para poder controlarlo).Empezamos con un dispositivo echo con alexa, un foco philips y un enchufe smart plug, ahora ya los hemos instalado varios cuartos en la casa.Los comandos de voz de alexa permiten encender y apagar los focos, ademas se puede regular el nivel de intensidad como “Alexa, luz al mínimo”, “Alexa, luz media”, “Alexa, luz al maximo”, también funciona por porcentaje “Alexa luz al 50%”.Además. si tienes varios focos se pueden configurar y tener el control a distancia “Alexa enciende la luz del garage”, “Alexa apaga la luz de la sala”. Automatizar la casa es toda una experiencia.

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  23. Luis M Torres

    Sin el Hue, controlarlos con Alexa es errático. A veces si los detecta y otras no. Las apaga o prende asincronicamente. Posteriormente la misma app de Philips se vuelve errática por el desorden que mete Alexa. Aún no son ideales para controlar directo con Alexa, aunque si se puede. Te sugiero comprar el control remoto y olvidarte se usar Alexa con ellas, al menos por ahora.

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