- 10% Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Live GPS Tracking Via Nationwide LTE| Track Locations of Kids, Car, Keys, Pet, Wallet, Luggage, and More

Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Live GPS Tracking Via Nationwide LTE| Track Locations of Kids, Car, Keys, Pet, Wallet, Luggage, and More

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Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Live GPS Tracking Via Nationwide LTE| Track Locations of Kids, Car, Keys, Pet, Wallet, Luggage, and More | Small Compact Lightweight 1.7 x1.7 in | White

Price: $89.99
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SmartThings GPS Tracker Review - LTE & Wi-Fi Connectivity

SmartThings (https://geni.us/SmartThingTracker) has always been an excellent home/work automation platform. They've recently released a brand new GPS ...

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Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Track and locate what matters most.

SmartThings Tracker - From kids to keys, you want to keep tabs on the people and things that matter most, whether they're around the block or a few miles away.

Specification: Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Live GPS Tracking Via Nationwide LTE| Track Locations of Kids, Car, Keys, Pet, Wallet, Luggage, and More

Part Number
Item Weight (ounces) 0.8
Product Dimensions 0.5 x 1.7 x 1.7 inches
Item model number Tracker [SM-V110AZWAATT]
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Item Package Quantity 1
Included Components , , , ,
Batteries Included?
Batteries Required?
Battery Cell Type
Warranty Description 1 year manufacturer

Videos: Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Live GPS Tracking Via Nationwide LTE| Track Locations of Kids, Car, Keys, Pet, Wallet, Luggage, and More

19 reviews for Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Live GPS Tracking Via Nationwide LTE| Track Locations of Kids, Car, Keys, Pet, Wallet, Luggage, and More

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  1. GO

    This is almost a perfect product. I have installed the new SmartThings hub, three SmartThings motion sensors, four SmartThings power outlets, four ZigBee light switches (GE) and two SmartThings door sensors. Everything connected with very little trouble. I am now able to control all of my outside lighting via my Apple iPhone while using the SmartThings App (not the SmartThings Classic app). However, there is one major problem with the SmartThings app, and I have been trying for months to get someone in customer support to fix it, but no luck at all. The SmartThings app has a feature which allows you to create a ‘Custom Automation’ which will automatically enable lighting during a ‘Period of time’ that you select. In the SmartThings app, you can build custom Automations to automatically trigger multiple actions, including notification alerts. You can set up Automations to run at certain times on certain days of the week or to trigger when another device reports a certain condition (such as detecting motion). This is a very very important feature and I am sorry to report that it is a TOTAL MESS. For an example this feature should allow you to have lights come on at Sunset and then turn off the following morning at Sunrise. But this does not work at all. I gave up trying to use Sunset to Sunrise, and instead created some work arounds. Then I found other problems with this same ‘Custom Automation’ feature, and then more problems with the same feature. All the problems have to do with inputting data into ‘Period of time’. I have contacted Customer Support numerous times, but they have not fixed this problem. They always offer their apologies and say they will investigate, but nothing gets fixed. This ‘Custom Automation’ using ‘Period of time’ is a VERY IMPORTANT tool for setting up home automation and it needs to work. I am giving this product one star in hopes someone at Samsung cares enough to get this problem fixed. I will update this review if this problem ever gets fixed.

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  2. Ducrab

    I upgraded from the generation 2 SmartThings hub (Ethernet-only) and so far this new gen 3 hub works great, love the fact that it’s Wi-Fi, I can now place the hub in a more central location. However, there are some caveats. First, I had to use the new SmartThings app to add this hub to my account. The new SmartThings app is pretty, but it lacks a lot of the functionality of the older SmartThings Classic app. For example, I’m not able to add devices that use my custom device handlers in the new app. And some of the custom automations are not available. So, once I got the new hub added to my account using the new app, I uninstalled it and reinstalled the classic app. From the classic app, I was able to set up everything just fine, including my Aeotec doorbell which uses a custom device handler. Once I had everything set up to my liking, I uninstalled the classic app and reinstalled the new app. Everything seems to be working now, except my Aeotec doorbell shows as “Checking status…” all the time (but the doorbell still works). It sounds like the new SmartThings app is still a work-in-progress, I hope they eventually get it updated to the same functionality as the classic app.

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  3. J. Marino

    So I typically do not write reviews, however I felt it necessary to warn potential buyers about this disgraceful product. First off I have been involved with technology for 25+ years and used to own a home automation company. I am currently employed with a Global Cyber Security provider and I think I would have the experience to handle the installation of a simple home automation product.Let me start by saying this product is absolute garbage, stay away! If a company as mature and as global as Samsung can not provide a provisioning process (set up) that is straight forward and actually works for the average consumer then then should not play in this arena!I purchased a SmartThings Hub V3 so that I could add a few simple switches so I could automate my exterior lighting. I cannot even get the Hub to connect to my network. I have a basic home network that I have working with other various products such as Ring with no issue. I am unable to get the SmartThings hub to even connect to my network. Oddly enough the app shows the hub is connected, however the hub lights are still flashing red and green indicating that the set up process failed. Its really should not be this difficult folks, stay away!

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  4. Steve Urbana

    Purchased the hub and 2 sensors. Setup was successful and everything worked fine for one day. Then…The sensors would sporadically disconnect and I could not reconnect them, despite following the website advice many, many times. I contacted customer support by email and followed their instructions to power down the hub. While this worked once, it did not work other times. I also removed the batteries from the sensors (no advice on the website regarding this), and this worked at least once. But how am I supposed to do these things when I am away from my house? (Even a “standard” reconnect requires you to push a button on the sensor.)The hub would also sporadically disconnect, even though is was close to the router. While it would reconnect about a half hour later a device would be disconnected with the same reconnect problems above.Customer support (“Ryan”) was less than helpful. Their only advice was to repeat the obvious webpage instructions and to power down the hub. When I requested clarification they did not return my email.”On paper” this is an attractive system — if it worked. But it simply did not work for me. Customer support by email was worthless. I strongly recommend an alternative system.(Note that this disconnecting is a common problem in these reviews. Also, as of my review almost 1/3 of the reviews are 1-star. In my experience with Amazon reviews, any product with this many 1-star reviews has SERIOUS problems.)

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  5. bobabate

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Or sometimes it works a few minutes after you asked it to. No matter what it eventually fails. I have two of them, they both have the same problems. No other device in my setup up have these issues.

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  6. Carlos Chacon

    Decidí comprarlo aunque muchas reseñas dicen que no sirve en México.Mi cuenta Samsung era originalmente de México y funcionaba sin problema. Pude encontrar el hub desde la app SmartThings y desde SmartThings Classic.Lo único malo es que no me aparecían todas las integraciones como Philips Hue.Solamente fui a account.samsung.com y borré mi cuenta, la volví a crear seleccionando USA como mi país y listo, ya me aparece todo y funciona sin problemas desde México.

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  7. Hector Jaime Obregon

    La verdad es que me tomo algo de tiempo decidirme para comprar este hub por los múltiples comentarios que había de que no funcionaba en Mexico. Después de recibir varias respuestas a mi pregunta de como hacerlo funcionar me animé y no me arrepiento.El producto llego antes de lo esperado. En cuanto llego empece el proceso de instalación. Voy a relatar la forma en la que a MI me funciono, el caso de otros puede ser diferente, no comparto esto como una opinion absoluta sino como una cuestión anecdotica esperando que a alguien mas le funcione.Habían recomendado que bajara Smartthings classic para poder configurarlo. Hice esto, entre a la app, procedí a crear una Samsung account a la cual le puse que estaba en Estados Unidos. Ya entrando en la app me pedía que diera de alta un Hub antes de agregar mas cosas pero requería un código el cual solo viene con Hubs V1 y V2, la pagina de Samsung decía que para el V3 (que es el de 2018 y el que compre aquí) no se requería el código pero se necesitaba la aplicación mas nueva (Smartthings a secas). Ya tenia conectado el Hub y el led que trae parpadeaba verde/rojo, como lo del código no se podía descargue la aplicación mas nueva.En la app nueva me logee con la Samsung account que habia creado con la Smartthings Classic, entre sin problema, le di a agregar dispositivo y lo detecto de forma inmediata, básicamente tal como lo indica la pagina de ayuda de Smartthings que viene en la app. Todo fue a través de Wifi, solo tuve que seguir las instrucciones que me iban saliendo en la app y listo!.En este momento ya agregue varias de las cosas que ya tenia en mi casa, por ejemplo mi cerrojo inteligente lo abro y cierro desde la app de Smartthings.Ojala les sirva a los que no han podido hacerlo funcionar!

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  8. Russ

    I’ve been very interested in Smartthings for a long time, and was excited to get the Hub v3 as a replacement for my current automation server. Unfortunately, I found the base functionality to be far more limited than what I was expecting.Out of the box, the Hub immediately found my Belkin Wemo lightswitches and motion sensor. What it didn’t find was my Wemo Dimmer, Wemo Maker, or any of my TP-Link Kasa switches or plugs. However, I was able to add all of the additional pieces with help from the Smartthings Community.My next step was to take the the rules from my existing automation server and write them into Smartthings. But again, I quickly ran into Smartthings’ limitations. I’m not going to bother explaining it all, but in essence, things I can currently do with one rule would often require three different rules on Smartthings. Other functions can only be done if I install custom apps built by developers in the community. And some things just didn’t seem possible without doing far more of my own programming than I’m interested in doing.Also, for reasons I don’t know, Samsung has two apps available: Smartthings Classic and Smartthings. You would think that all of the functionality in the Classic app would be available in the non-Classic version, but that’s not the case. So, you have to have both apps on your phone. This means that every time the Hub goes offline (which seemed to be about once a day), I’d get two different notifications telling me as much, followed by two more notifications when it came back online.I use a lot of Samsung products and think well of the company, but I feel like they’re relying too much on the Smartthings community to develop features and functionality that should be available from the start.

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  9. Beto Z

    This device comes in a nice package and set up was a breeze. Pull the tab, open smartthing (My home >> + Add a thing) and boom. In less then a minute this was up and running.I have three of these and they are working flawlessly.The vibration frature is really sensitive so even honks/engine noises. It went off when I shovelled my front porch.I have a handful of zigbee and z-wave devices in my house and this device is fully worth the money. They are buoy rock solid and the sensor reading is really fast. The Temperature sensor seems to be accurate as well. I like the fact that you can distance between the two devices so you can get a better reading of open/close. My garage has a smartlock and the door would often half close so the dead bolt would never close. Now I have this device set up in a way where if its 2mm open it would considered “open” and notifications would come my way to let me know the door isn’t fully closed.

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  10. Dirk Mittler

    I’m no stranger to computing technology, that switches lights on and off, and this example is one of the better implementations. It uses an Ethernet cable to connect to the router, which is a big plus, and is backed by Samsung’s versatile line of devices and apps. There is one small detail worth noting. In order to maintain backwards-compatibility with Z-Wave Devices, it will be necessary to co-install the Smart Things Classic app, along with the newer Smart Things app, that my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone already shipped with. Not knowing this can cause some initial frustration is setting up Z-Wave devices.

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  11. Michael Brulotte

    It’s my fault for not checking more thoroughly in advance. For some reason I had in my head that SmartThings was the best smart home hub on the market. But it doesn’t support anywhere close to the number of devices that Google Home does. I really wanted to make use of SmartThings’ more sophisticated commands (e.g. multiple conditions for an event), but at this point there’s hardly anything I can do with it.Edit: With lots of help from the SmartThings forum, I was able to add all my devices, but it was a painstaking process involving thousands of lines of code (copy/pasted) and having to create developer accounts. Funny, I thought I had just paid Samsung to do this for me.

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  12. Scraphappy

    Requires Hub. My fault for not noticing requirements. However when we went to order Hub, it does not work outside of the US. Why Amazon.ca is selling items that don’t work in Canada is beyond me but there you go. Returning sensor today!

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  13. Michael

    I needed this to act as the hub for a Yale smart lock and Amazon Alexa and a smart phone app. While setup wasn’t an issue, I was constantly gettinbg messages on my phone telling me the hub had lost connection, then half an hour later that it had regained it, then later lost it, and so on, day after day. and. night after night. Of course, whenn you wanted to activate the lock, the darn connection. would. inevitably be down!The hub was located 3 feet from myrouter. I have many, many WiFi devices in my home, ranging from phones, to tablets to streaming devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and FireTV to Rokus, smart alarm clocks, and the list goes on. None of them have ever had a connectivity issue.But, Mr Arrogance at Samsung’s tech support, tells me that it is the fault of my equipment and not his. I tried to reason with him, I tried everything he told me to do (repeated resets, power down and reconnect repeatedly) to absolutely no avail.So, what else could I do? I returned it to Amazon. I’m sure the device is good in general, but this particular one was bright yellow and tasted very sour!

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  14. SAT

    Si quieres tener la seguridad de que nadie abre alguna puerta y tienes algún controlador Zigbee te recomiendo este artículo. Funciona perfectamente y si tu controlador te lo permite podrás recibir notificaciones de inmediato cuando alguien abre la puerta. El tamaño es muy pequeño (adquirí otro de otra marca y la verdad es muy grande en comparacion) como 5cm de alto por 4.5 de lado y no mas de 1.2 cm de ancho. La verdad es muy práctico y fácil de usar, yo lo tengo enlazado con un Smartthigs 2a generación y no he tenido ningún contratiempo. Me supongo que la batería durará al menos un año por lo que tu costo de mantenimiento si la batería que usa es la CR2 podría ser de alrededor de $100.00.

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  15. JohnnyRazz

    Note: This review is specific to the application of the Smartthings Hub v3 used with a Schlage door lock – I have not much to comment with respect to other hardware or software related functionality.I purchased this Hub specifically for remote access and entry code control of a Schlage Connect door lock. At the time (several months ago) it seemed like the best option, and I thought perhaps I would eventually use the Hub to integrate other smart features. The lock was installed and a few days ago I tackled setup of the Hub V3. Obviously I chose to load the latest, up to date version of the Smarthings App. First off, it wouldn’t load on my phones (pixel2) browser so I had to install samsung internet browser app.Once I got the hub connected to my wifi, trying to figure out how to add the lock was difficult. To pair lock, the app instructions called out a button to press behind the battery cover -but no such button exists. Found instructions online that require entering the locks programming code, then pressing 0 (on the lock keypad) – that worked. So now I was able to:- monitor whether the lock was locked/unlocked- see a history of what time it was locked/unlocked- lock/unlock via the app.But where was the remote code control – the ONLY reason I bought the product was for this feature???? a quick search showed that others have been asking the same question over a year ago. I had read about this but assumed that Samsung would have added this feature by now. They HAVE NOT – as of July 20, 2019 The most current version of the smarthings app does NOT allow remote setup of lock codes (for Schlage Connect doorlocks).In a last ditch effort to get code control I downloaded the previous version of the smartthings App (which I read was able to do this). I finally got that running and fortunately it automatically recognized my user info and worked with the v3 Hub without any additional setup. After a lot of struggle I figured out how to unpair the lock from the first app. Then It easily paired with the old app – and FINALLY I was able to find a very primitive function that shows lock/unlock history AND a feature that allows setup and deletion of codes from the APP. and note that it is very basic. it does not allow any ability to set times for codes to be active or automatically deleted, but whatever.Based on this example I question how much functionality is available on other smart home related hardware.I easily spent over three Hours, over two days, to finally get this working. I was ready to return the hub, and the lock, but just wanted the problem solved – which it is. Now I’ll see how much of a headache it is to keep online and trouble free?Also, I did call the samsung customer service number and it was answered in less than 1 minute. the customer service person confirmed that the feature was not available for the schlage connect lock but she didn’t advise me that I could install the old app to have access to it.I can think of no logical reason that this function is not available – accept maybe security concerns/liability, or reliability issues in which case it shouldnt have been advertised to have this functionality (which it was when I bought it).Overall VERY frustrating experience. If lock control is your main goal then maybe consider other options – Wink perhaps, but not sure if the experience would have been any better.It would be GREAT if these app based hardware devices offered online simulations of the app interface so that we could see exactly how we can interface with the app BEFORE buying the products. that would allow customers to test different brands hardware before making the purchase. That would definitely have influenced my decision.

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  16. Jason R.

    By now I’ve bought one of these SmartThings Water Leak Sensors for nearly every place in the house where plumbing terminates. While I’ve only had a couple occasions in the past where we’ve actually had a leak, but each time it has caused more damage than you would expect from even just a minor leak and each time was a pain to repair. Since these are such simple devices (basically, probes on the top or bottom of the device will close a circuit when the conductivity of water is introduced between them) I expect them to last pretty much forever and many claim the batteries last well over a year before needing replacement so over the long term they aren’t a very costly investment. They’re sleek looking, pretty small and you barely notice them around the house. I thought the one underneath the front of the dishwasher would stick out like a sore thumb but it’s small and inconspicuous enough nobody has even commented on any of them including the dishwasher one yet.I tested them out after first setting them up (which is a pretty brainless affair of putting the smartthings hub into discovery mode for them and scanning a QR code which is located on each device), it only took a few drops of water before both my wife and I got notifications on our phones to tell us that the sensor had detected water (nearly instantly). While this is better than we had before (first warning sign of seeing damage, or water dripping from a ceiling in the basement) my next step is to find a deal on an automatic valve closer so that when a sensor detects water it will just trigger shutting the water off to the whole house automatically. It is such a natural and useful response that I think all houses should have this.Interestingly these aren’t just leak sensors, each one of them also functions as a temperature sensor which you can reference current and historical temperatures from in the app but also to build automation around just like the water detection (things like turn a space heater on with a smart plug in the same area as a water leak sensor which is reading a temperature below a certain range). While the temperature sensor is less useful to me than it might otherwise be because I already have Nest temperature sensors all over the place that work directly with my thermostat I believe I paid just as much if not more for each single purpose Nest temperature sensor than I did for each of these Water Leak + Temperature sensors.

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  17. Lee

    I’ve used SmartThings for years and have many products, such as motion sensors and leak sensors. They always pair super easily over ZigBee and work great. I bought this Button but have been super disappointed in it. The issues started with trying to pair it. It says to pull the tab out to connect the battery to start the pairing but nothing happens. The manual says hold down the reset button for 5+ seconds and it will flash red to factory reset it. That also doesn’t work, holding the reset button down does nothing. I was only able to get it to pair finally after pulling the battery and putting it back in.The next issue is the actual functionality. If you’re using it with SmartThings prepare to be disappointed. It doesn’t control Scenes, so all it can do is turn lights or devices on or off, either pressing, or holding. You’ll need to use WebCoRe or something else to run scenes. However, that’s if it actually even works! It’s so flaky, half the time you press it and nothing happens. You wait, press it again, nothing, then finally on your 10th try it will work. It’s almost like it goes to sleep and you have to press it a bunch to wake it up before it works. It’s so unreliable that I have no choice but to return it.

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  18. Carlos Chacon

    Vivo en departamento y tal vez mesh wifi es un exceso, pero con tanta interferencia no había manera de cubrir toda el área con un solo punto por lo que opté por este mesh para reemplazar mi router y mi hub Smartthings.La cobertura y velocidad es increíble, cubre perfectamente todos los lugares y me da más de 80mbps en todos lados por lo que pude eliminar muchos cables de red que tenía en mi centro de entretenimiento.El único punto que le resto es que Plume es muy limitado, además de que no está disponible en México y tuve que usar una cuenta americana.Con Plume puedes configurar modo Bridge o modo Router, pero las opciones son muy limitadas comparadas con el router dedicado TP-Link que ya tenía por lo que opté por dejarlo en modo Bridge.En modo router no pude hacer funcionar UPnP, para poder abrir un puerto debes hacer una reservación de IP primero y agregas puertos de manera individual, muy tedioso.La recopilación de consumo de datos me gustó, pero no recopila datos de dispositivos que estén conectados por Ethernet, solo via wifi por lo que es limitado si quieres ver el consumo de estos dispositivos.El bloqueo de publicidad es muy útil, pero por desgracia está ligado a TODOS los dispositivos de una persona y esto en un par de ocasiones me causó problemas en algunas páginas.El hub de Smartthings funciona de maravilla, por lo que si tienes algo de automatización puedo recomendar este mesh sin problema. Pero si requieres funciones más avanzadas debes usarlo con un router adicional.

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  19. isoseeker

    Bought 5 of these sensors, received 4 that were repackaged and missing the 3M tape, battery already activated and probably tied to someone else’s hub. Only 1 was brand new and that paired easily with the hub ver 2.Very annoying when buying brand new and you received someone else’s reject.

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    Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Live GPS Tracking Via Nationwide LTE| Track Locations of Kids, Car, Keys, Pet, Wallet, Luggage, and More
    Samsung SmartThings Tracker | Live GPS Tracking Via Nationwide LTE| Track Locations of Kids, Car, Keys, Pet, Wallet, Luggage, and More

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